Case Scenario Research for Themes and Jury Selection Predictors

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Artful Insight. From the battle of the titans (e.g., Apple v. Samsung) to the plights of human trafficking – clients’ goals, risk, complexity, and resources vary. Shine light on jurors’ comprehension and questions through Case Scenario Research. Mock jurors’ feedback aid theme development to help real  jurors better understand the story at trial. Case Scenario evaluations include communication analysis of case issues and jury selection predictors.

Method. Virtual or online jury studies have a greater reach into the venue than an in-person mock trial. With a larger sample of mock jurors than a traditional face-to-face mock jury, we creatively tap the venue testing case contentions to obtain experiences and attitudes that differentiate those favoring the plaintiff and those favoring the defendant. Quickly learn case strengths/ weaknesses, compare strategies, and obtain valid measures of jury perceptions of liability and damages to further trial strategy or settlement posture.

Results. Commonly trial lawyers seek juror profiles. First, there is no ideal juror profile. It is also unlawful to discriminate based on gender or race. Not all women are alike – nor are all men alike. Second, finding underlying determiners (e.g., experience or attitudes) for cause challenges is critical in jury selection and in presenting winning arguments. Case Scenario Research helps identify the right questions for intelligent jury selection and challenges.

Accessibility. There is more computer access across the nation than when we started using this method in 2005. This online format works well for any civil case tried in front of a jury.

Case Scenario Research • Frequently Asked Questions

What is a good analogy for describing the Case Scenario Research method? Imagine an online traffic school where you read traffic rules and answer driving questions through chapters. It is a secure portal with permission-only entry built for the collection of your data. Your case scenario is presented through segments of the case paired with reactions to the issues.

How are witnesses portrayed? It is more economical to use pictures of witnesses than video-clips. In the scenario, you can present short video-clips of the parties. For more complex presentations, we use an online mock trial.

How do the mock jurors in the study compare to the venire? We match demographic diversity in the venue through our criteria with professional recruiters. Our recruiters abide by professional standards. For high profile cases, we measure media bias for a change of venue motion.

How many mock jurors are recruited? The number of jurors included depends on your goals and the client’s budget. For instance, while 100 virtual mock jurors may suffice for damage estimates and mediation purposes, we use 400 virtual mock jurors to compare experience and issues for jury selection predictors or juror profiles.

What are the costs for a Case Scenario Research study? Cost depends upon the number of jurors, the complexity of the case issues, and the depth of analyses for jury selection predictors. There are minimum requirements.