Mock Trials - A Favorite Among Trial Lawyers

Story line from 12 Angry Men.  Anyone remember the discussion about the witness who wasn’t wearing eyeglasses?

Online Mock Trial with Deliberation Groups. During this pandemic, online mock trials are blossoming. Options include a live presentation to one group of mock jurors, then divide into deliberation groups. Or videotaped presentations can be shown online to several different groups.

In-Person Mock Trial with Deliberation Groups. On your feet in front of mock jurors! Scaled back in-person mock trials use a facility with a one-way mirror in the venue to view reactions. Options include one medium-sized group, then divide mock jurors into deliberation groups or remain in one discussion group. 

Mock Trials. Live or videotaped witnesses provide insight as to how attorneys and witnesses are perceived and affect the issues. A mock trial is best for trial preparation and theme development. Jurors are interested in seeing evidence. This presentation can include witness video-clips or graphics to test jurors’ perceptions of the evidence. Add a research questionnaire to tap jurors’ preconceived attitudes about the parties, as well as prior experiences in relevant content or issue areas such as their own work history and sensitive issues such as public health and Black Lives Matter effects.

Take-aways. Mock trials are more elaborate than focus groups and take many forms. With a tailored research questionnaire, mock trials achieve practical goals. First, learn case strengths /weaknesses, issues to eliminate or improve, discover red flags, and runaway jury potential. Second, develop strategic communication suggestions for analogies, graphics, and themes for mediation or trial.

Mock Trial Benefits

Online  InPerson

√                                    Eliminates Travel for Trial Team/Clients/Jurors

√                 √                 Contentions that Matter to Jurors

√                 √                 Perceptions of Parties, Witnesses

√                 √                 Discover Red Flags & Prevent Surprises

√                 √                 Runaway Jury Evaluations 

√                 √                 Graphics Testing

√                 √                 Theme Development & Analogies 

                   √                 Communicating Face-to-Face in Venue

                   √                 Trial Skills Rehearsal