Local Knowledge with a National Presence

Cynthia R. Cohen, Ph.D., an experienced hands-on trial consultant with insight on issues that matter to jurors, brings strategic advice and flexibility in designing jury research studies.

Since 1986, trial lawyers with major complex cases across the country seek her expertise in jury behavior and venue analyses through media assessments, mock trials, scientific jury profiling, detecting deception in witnesses, voir dire, virtual shadow juries, juror interviews and witness preparation.

Dr. Cynthia Cohen specializes in jury research and trial strategies. Harvesting knowledge of the local venue through jury studies, she applies scientific methods for jury selection predictors and develops themes with jury appeal to help trial lawyers win major complex cases across the country. As a past President of the American Society of Trial Consultants, she has a vast network to support trials in any U.S. venue.

Dr. Cohen’s education includes psychology degrees at UCLA and USC. Her career began with teaching research design to psychology graduate students and facilitating communication courses for business professionals. With 30+ years of trial consulting experience, she consistently spots the issues relevant to jurors. She is sought after to speak at bar associations and media outlets on jurors’ decision-making behavior, detecting deception, and elimination of bias.

Dr. Cohen’s surveys have been accepted in Federal Court as an expert in consumer studies for trademark infringement cases. Her designated surveys have proved successful for her clients. For more about survey evidence, review her blog at www.surveyevidence.com.