Philosophy of Jury Consulting Practice

Our philosophy is to make trial lawyers better at what they do, by improving trial strategy through listening to what matters to jurors. There is a continuum of jury consulting methods. We apply the best match in consideration of the client’s dispute, risk involved, jury research budget, venue and principles at stake.

Jury research gives the trial team an advantage in developing case strategy, jury selection, and settlement decision-making. Verdict Success provides litigators in major firms throughout the country with powerful, strategic research results that achieve favorable verdicts in the courtroom. 

Planning Your Trial Strategy - Putting all the Pieces Together

Case Scenario Research

Case Scenario Research is the most effective method to measure jurors’ perceptions of the issues and find predictors for voir dire. In testing case issues online since 2005, we see what is important to jurors. Know your audience. Learn from them.  Develop better themes and voir dire questions with predictive values.

Mock Trials

During this pandemic, social distancing has changed face-to-face research and mock trials. We set up virtual mock trials. Our team is proficient in the technological methods needed to mock try your case. We tailor video or live presentations while mock jurors participate from the safety of their own living room. 

Jury Selection

When jury trials resume, we are ready to assist trial teams with jury selection. Developing voir dire questions that delve into the heart of the case and testing them is the best practice. A la carte, we write voir dire questions and assist at counsel table as we pair our experience with observations and strategize in deselection of jurors. 

Court News

Teamed with Trial Lawyers in a Breadth of Areas

Verdict Success, a boutique trial consulting firm, combines social science analyses with insightful case issue evaluation to minimize uncertainties and maximize results for mediation or trial. Our solid science, depth of experience, and seasoned insight, help lawyers produce more effective strategies. Our services – case evaluations, mock jury studies, consumer studies, scientific jury selection, and witness presentation – are effective litigation tools for legal teams. We listen to your concerns and address jurors’ concerns. Our consulting experience includes the following case types:


civil rights




court martial




insurance coverage

human trafficking

Lanham Act (false advertising)

lender liability


personal injury

police misconduct

premises liability

products liability (auto, beverage, food, pharmaceutical, toy industries)

professional liability (D&O, legal, medical)


toxic tort


trade secrets

wrongful death