Jury Selection and Voir Dire – It All Happens so Fast

Asking the right questions during voir dire is important in determining bias. Being prepared for voir dire makes a difference in correctly removing a potentially negative juror. Scientific jury selection with rigorous research to test hypotheses is preferred. With a sufficient number of mock jurors, predictors that differentiate jurors who favor plaintiffs from those who favor defendants generally surface. Secondarily, understanding body language and observing jurors’ reactions to questions is critical. We also educate on Batson and Wheeler challenges.

Jury Questionnaires – Optimizing a Strike List

Jury questionnaires in the courtroom are more frequently used today. There is an art to eliciting rich qualitative responses from the courtroom questionnaire. In conjunction with jury research studies, we incorporate predictive questions.

Jury questionnaires used in court are distinct from jury research questionnaires. For high profile or sensitive cases where large jury pools are used, we manage jurors’ questionnaires for strategic jury selection and producing a strike list.